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How It Started

One afternoon while I lay in the hospital bed with Charlotte, trying to keep my eyes open while holding on to her sick bag and knowing that she will need assistance with going to the toilet anytime soon.  I was listening to a new cancer Mum and her child in the bed next to us, listening to them laugh, cry, getting funny video’s from family and friends, overhearing  the stream of Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers at their bedside with new information and thinking how far we had come in just a matter of months and also having that overwhelming feeling of sickness for them knowing what they have to get through to get to where we are and feeling grateful that we were 2 months in of this 10 month nightmare.  It was one of those moments where I thought, imagine if someone walked in and gave them a pack where they would have those initial essential items that would help them through the early stages of their child’s diagnosis.  Take away the trial and error of simple things like moisturiser, sleep masks, hair turbans.  It would be all there ready to go.  I had the idea rolling around in my head for a few months, adding products in my mind of items that would be really helpful for others.  It wasn’t until we returned home with our beautiful healthy daughter that I was able to start on our project.​

Charlotte during Cancer smiling

How We Help

One of the Kid with a stay in the fight pack

After going through Charlotte’s treatment, we wanted to be able to give back and help other young children and their carer navigate through the early stages of cancer.  With our knowledge and lived experience we have created these packs.  They are currently being sent out to Girls aged between 11-17 who are diagnosed with cancer and treated in Queensland.  Our goal for 2022 is to include Boys ages 11-17 in Queensland.

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Team members of Stay in the Fight

Meet The Team

Our Team is composed of Kushla, Charlotte and all of our precious friends and volunteer 

Founder Kushla



Founder Charlotte



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